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We Design. We Develop. We Deliver.


We create a personal interaction with seamless technology and intuitive visual cues.


Our technology transforms the human experience across the range of digital devices.


We build marketing infrastructures that help clients adapt to current and future marketing realities.


Our ability to interpret data translates into user experience that subtly traverses the raw edges between the real & virtual worlds.

We drive technology

Magic Logix is to marketing what alchemy was to chemistry. We leverage the best of available and emerging elements of data, technology, and creativity to create a custom digital presence for our clients.

There’s method to our creativity. For Magic Logix, it takes the right mix of imagination, best available technology, and agility to deliver solutions that embrace the new marketing frontier.

01 Predictive Analytics

We know how to cultivate and interpret data that will translate into marketing tools that generate predictive results.

56 all Automated Immersion

We convert targeted components of digital immersion marketing into unique yet automated, virtual customer experiences.

Business Intelligence

We apply digital intel and business savvy to marketing tools that give our clients a strong competitive advantage.

Search Transformation

When it comes to making search marketing more effective, we continually refine the algorithms for optimizing client presence

Artboard 38 Social Intelligence

We help clients navigate complex social interactions as A.I. creates more opportunities to connect with audiences.

08 Intuitive Design

It takes a unique team to develop intuitive design for UI/UX requirements. It’s what we do everyday.

119all Mobile Agility

It’s our goal to make every client as agile, flexible, and responsive with their mobile presence as possible.

Magic Logix = Client Advantage

Magic Logix is a transformative marketing technology agency that fully utilizes every medium necessary to transform human behavior into consumer action. It is our unique combination of innovative design, sophisticated coding skills, and intuitive marketing strategy that allows us to deliver agile marketing solutions with consistently predictive results.


Magic Logix consists of a blended team that includes the best digital architects, technologists, designers, data analysts and strategic marketers.


What the Magic Logix team has that few others do is a common mindset that permeates everything we do on behalf of our clients.

Our Process

At the core of what we do, we are focused on delivering the best solution to any client challenge.