• January 8

    Top Brands in Social Media

    Most companies today recognize the power that social media has on business. However, businesses need to recognize that having a social media presence is not always enough. Companies need to put together comprehensive social media strategies in order to actively engage their customers.

    The top three brands include: Viacom, Walt Disney, and News Corporation. These companies rank highest in the Dachis Group’s Social Business Index. The index takes into account the presence of the company on top social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Rankings are based interaction, brand awareness, loyalty of customers and other factors.

    Other companies included in the top twenty rankings also include many online based businesses such as Zynga, Google and Microsoft. Long established brands such as NBC Universal and Kraft Foods are also included in the top twenty, all with a score between 2,200 and 2,700.

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    Hassan Bawab is the founder and CEO of Magic Logix, a Dallas, Texas based agency specializing in customized marketing automation solutions for businesses worldwide. Mr. Bawab is a trusted resource in the industry and often spends his free time as a consultant for Top 1000 Fortune companies. He has been honored as a guest lecturer at global events and conferences, and locally at The University of North Texas, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Southern Methodist University. He is the author of How to Work with a Digital Marketing Agency and has written numerous articles on automation technology that have become industry dogmas. Mr. Bawab holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, Technical Writing and Marketing, in addition to several marketing and programming certifications.

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