• September 25

    Let’s admit it: everyone loves a good comeback story, and sometimes it’s just fun to root for the underdog. Of course, often this applies to sports stories or maybe even for some, the great Spice Girls Olympic comeback of 2012. So if we’re at the point where we’re trying to resurrect pop acts that should probably just return from whence they came, it only makes sense to still try and give a new look and feel to an ancient social network like Myspace, right?

    Yes, you read that right. It looks like Myspace is getting another redesign. This would be their fourth major redesign now since the site has been active. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the years since their dramatic fall from grace from their days as the top social network. (Remember those days in college when everyone knew who ‘Tom’ was, and it made someone feel totally legit to have 30 thousand ‘friends’)?

    Myspace released a new video that highlights the changes to the social network. As Myspace has centered more around music and culture the past few years, the updates seem to reflect this. As much as I hate to admit it, the video captures my attention. It’s chock full of visual stimuli and kind of puts me in sensory overload. I really do like how they are incorporating different design elements as the use of photographs, the scrolling news feed and various other elements seem to be a hybrid of what’s been successful from multiple social networks. The integration of Facebook and Twitter is also a great idea, as I feel Myspace realized years ago they weren’t able to compete with those two social giants.

    It seems as if music and pop culture will play a huge part in the network, and that it may try and be another alternative to Spotify. This doesn’t surprise me, as Myspace has taken a more active approach towards music in more recent years. It seems to be a good trend to continue. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of self-promo for Justin Timberlake in the video. Truth be told, while the video does a great job of sparking my curiosity about requesting an invite to the new Myspace, I’m not about to go buy some new Justin Timberlake jams. I think I’ll stick to the indie groove of Minus The Bear or the metal power of In Flames still. Sorry Justin, you’re cool and all…I’m just not that into your music.

    Of course, the question still remains, will Myspace be able to make a significant contribution to the social scene, or will it be another redesign for a network that once was? What do you think?

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    Chris Apaliski is the Social Media Director and Marketing Manager for Magic Logix and is responsible for implementing social strategy and content for Magic Logix and various clients. He has a decade of experience in digital marketing, typically blogs about social media or current marketing trends and in addition to Magic Logix frequently guest lectures at local universities and has been published on, Yahoo! Small Business, Sprout Social and other websites. Chris has a BA in English Composition from The University of North Texas and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from UT Dallas. Follow Chris on Twitter @RedefineChris

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