• August 17

    Every time I look at the app store icon on my iPhone and there are updates available, I get a little excited. I’m always hoping that it will be an awesome update and not just a bug fix. Thanks to Instagram 3.0, this morning was like Christmas morning when I pushed my updates tab.

    I haven’t spent a lot much time with it yet, but Instagram 3.0 has me pretty excited. Focusing on browsing experience, they’ve added new features such as a Photo Map. This allows you to display geotagged photos by location on a map. From there, you can choose which photos you want to display from your previously geotagged photos. As a result, your friends see them on a map. This means browsing through pages of photos is a thing of the past.

    Instagram has also improved their layout with an enlarged grid view, infinite scrolling and bigger text boxes. They have really done their homework here because in the short time that I have had to use the new features I have noticed large improvements. The load time is now faster, which is great because I have been frustrated recently this problem.

    When companies make updates, changes that spark your love of the product are exactly the changes that you hope to see. My fingers are crossed, and I hope that Apple is reading this and applying it to their iOS 6 release. What do you think of Instagram 3.0? What are some of your other favorite app updates?

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    Hassan Bawab is the founder and CEO of Magic Logix, a Dallas, Texas based agency specializing in customized marketing automation solutions for businesses worldwide. Mr. Bawab is a trusted resource in the industry and often spends his free time as a consultant for Top 1000 Fortune companies. He has been honored as a guest lecturer at global events and conferences, and locally at The University of North Texas, The University of Texas at Dallas, and Southern Methodist University. He is the author of How to Work with a Digital Marketing Agency and has written numerous articles on automation technology that have become industry dogmas. Mr. Bawab holds degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, Technical Writing and Marketing, in addition to several marketing and programming certifications.

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