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    There are many statistics and shopper trends that online merchants can analyze to help add value to their ecommerce marketing campaigns and ecommerce SEO keyword selection. As the holiday season quickly approaches, frantic shoppers will begin to search for the best deals, and the search most likely will begin online. In a recent article posted on Internet Retailer called Holiday Shopping Lists Move Online, it was predicted that 36% of all holiday shopping tasks will occur online this holiday season. The following statics were concluded from a research study developed by the National Retail Federation conducted in 2011. Although the NRF predicts 36%, the poll results showed that 47% would shop online this season. The study surveyed 8, 500 US consumers, and discovered that the average amount consumers would be spending on gifts this holiday season is estimated to be around $516.00. The 47% that said they would be shopping online are predicted to spend approximately $650.00 on gifts this holiday season.

    As an online merchant you want to be aware of how to continue capturing online shoppers, while also trying to reel in the consumers that prefer to be out and about. If you have only an online store, you need to offer incentives that are far more appealing than your competition. If you have a physical store as well as an ecommerce store, perhaps reward those that shop online with a 10% discount. Taking a deeper look into the trends of shoppers during the holiday season can help you alter your online marketing campaigns and help boost the ROI for your ecommerce seo initiatives.  First, let’s take a look at the top reasons the 47% will choose online shopping this holiday season.

    Top 10 Reasons Consumers Shop Online During the Holidays

    1. Save Time – For some consumers, time is money. Online shopping will save hours of time.
    2. Convenience All shopping can be done in one location – in your home on your laptop or desktop.
    3. Save Money – Some online merchants will offer 10% to shop online as opposed to shopping at their physical locations.
    4. Mailing Gifts – Eliminate the trip to the post office and mail your gifts directly online. This is a good incentive online retailers can offer to entice holiday shoppers to choose their ecommerce site.
    5. Free Shipping – This is a great way to entice the online shopper to complete the transaction. No one wants to save money and find out shipping is going to cost an arm and a leg.
    6. Price Comparisons – There are a lot of price comparison websites that show the cheapest option online. If you are an online merchant these sources can help you analyze and evaluate the pricing structure of your competition to better evaluate your strategy.
    7. No Crowds/No Lines.
    8. Reviews Reviews are an important consideration for many shoppers. Reviews are great for accountability and authentication of the value of a product.  It can add value to your ecommerce website to have reviews directly on your website.
    9. Less Transportation/Risk During the holidays the weather may become unsafe, depending on your location. It is good to avoid icy streets and traffic.
    10. Less Distractions – The problem with shopping at the mall is there are so many people trying to capture your attention at once. Sometimes, I even end up purchasing items for myself instead of my friends and family.  Shopping online allows you to stay focused and search by specific items without all the distractions of the mall, food courts, people you run into that you may know, etc.

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