• May18

    A company’s website has more than one purpose. Primarily it’s used to strengthen and build the company’s brand. The other valuable functions of a website include extra revenue earning though advertisements and increasing your company’s global audience. The concept of target marketing has been redefined in an online marketing world. Previously companies tried to reach […]

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  • May17

    There’s a lot of talk floating around about the future of open source with Microsoft threatening to sue organizations with a whopping 235 violations of their patents. The free and open source software communities behind many projects are worried and they should be, unsurprisingly a huge number of these violations have been breached by Linux […]

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  • May2

    When submitting your site to the major Search Engines, I highly recommend manual submission. Many Search Engines are now penalizing sites using auto submission programs. It will only take a few minutes at each site. If you want more people to visit your website, you must know how to create search engine friendly websites, and […]

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