Our Team

Hassan Bawab's goofy picture

Hassan Bawab

Founder & CEO

A visionary entrepreneur by nature, Hassan is also an author and public speaker. His passion for innovation has led to incorporation of trend setting technology in web development and marketing automation. He’s also a hookah aficionado, a card shark and highly skilled in billiards.

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Eric Mahroum

Business Development Manager

Eric is heavily involved with statewide politics and his community. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family/friends. He's also a die hard fan of big band music and anything Sinatra or Martin.

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Jessica Ortiz

Executive Assistant

Jessica's organizational skills are so on point, she'll have a meeting scheduled and booked before you can even blink. She's also an adventure seeker who enjoys painting, poetry, lakes, oceans, walking trails...basically anything to keep her outdoors.

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Farah Bawab

Project Manager

With a master's in computer engineering and a penchant for networking, sales and partner relations management, Farah is the ideal manager for every project. She's super friendly and has a keen eye to detail, giving everything in life 120%.

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Chad Burnett

Creative Director

On every continent, "Chad Burnett" is synonymous with "flawless design." When not staring at Photoshop for hours at a time he enjoys 60s soul music, snowboarding & India Pale Ale.

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Chris Apaliski

Social Media Director

With a BA in English and MS in Marketing, Chris = good looks and book smarts. Outside of the office, he's a guitarist for the band Redefine and a die-hard Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers fan who enjoys music, film, and cold beer.

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Elliott Munoz

Social Media Expert

As a child, Elliott had a blue canteen, a silver radio playing jazz, and a camera with him at all times. As an adult, he's added laptops and digital marketing to his repertoire and harnessed in on his love for social media.

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Sam Timalsina

Senior Web Developer

Sam recieved a degree in computer science and then became the type of programmer feared and honored by his peers. A man of many talents, he's also an artist and loves to read and watch sci-fi.

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Lead Developer

An IT professional chained with result driven and technically coordinated mindset. His specialities peak up at unmatched training sessions. Really an exceptional team lead is Ajith, especially in handling the uttermost complex projects. 

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Shaiju Thomas

Web/Cloud Specialist

An array of technological stack is the right definition for Shaiju. He is very updated and always provides the best cloud solution. In setting up cloud strategies, his long view in Cloud Computing technology, and Cloud Architectures is always a big asset. 

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Tijesh Jose

Mobile Application Developer

A freaky mobile application developer who switches according to the changing waves of the technology. A good 5 year expertise in the kitty makes him a super­ cool leading mobile application developer in both iOS and Android platforms.

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Jerry Don

Technical Architect

Jerry, the fountain of technical design and the backbone of custom elements in each project. Over 8 years of expertise makes him to give the best strike in projects. And he is multi­talented in Cloud computing, Machine Learning, BigData, Lean startups, Agile software development and much more.

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